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A Versatile Blogger Award

I have received two nominations for the versatile blogger award. I want to thank my fellow darling precious bloggers for nominating me: the adorable Cess B. of Tracking my Tresses and the elegant Sdestra of Sdestra Hair Journey. These ladies have been inspirational and have helped me out a great deal in my quest towards becoming a better blogger as a newcomer on the scene. Be sure to check out their blogs where you can learn a great deal on hair care.

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7 Random Facts about me

My favourite colour is pink, not that I wear it all the time rather I have a lot pink stuff because it is cheerful and pretty.

Most people in Nigeria seem to think my relaxed hair is natural (don’t know why).

I love ballerinas because they are so graceful and lovely.

One of my favourite books is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, I believe it can heal even the hardest heart and I try to get everyone I know to read it.

I absolutely love Nigerian food such as palm oil stew (obe dindin), efo riro, rice, regular stew, Nigerian fried rice, fried plantain (dodo), fried yam (it must be old yam) and the list goes on.

I played the piano when I was younger and wanted to be a classical pianist, then I wanted to become a violinist in an orchestra (pity I cannot even play the violin, perhaps one day).

My favourite shows on tv are Glee (makes me happy), Downtown Abbey (lovely beyond words). I also like Strictly Come Dancing, American Idol and MTV’s Made.

Please check out the bloggers I nominated as well. A few of the nominations are extremely experienced bloggers that I enjoy while the others are relatively new to blogging. So here goes (in random order):


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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Simple Pre-shampoo Hair Treatment Recipe (Pre-poo recipe)

As I have earlier stated, a pre-shampoo treatment helps the hair to resist the harshness of the shampoo and fortifies it allowing it to withstand the washing process. 

This pre-shampoo treatment is easy to do because it allows for only one ingredient.

Recipe No. 3

Small bowl
A tablespoon


1 -2 tablespoons of your favourite oil
There are many natural oils that can be used such as olive oil, coconut oil or Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil.

Part hair in four sections to enable you work within each section. Part each section into four smaller sections and apply the oil to the scalp and the entire length of your hair concentrating on the ends until the entire hair is coated with oil. Cover hair with a plastic cap and apply external heat (optional). Leave on hair for about 10 minutes with heat or about 20 minutes or more without heat (depending on how long you can stand it). Rinse off, then begin the washing process.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Garlic for Hair Growth

There are several natural ingredients that can help us in our quest towards achieving longer and healthier hair, one of such ingredients is garlic. Garlic has been used even in ancient times by the Egyptians as a remedy for various illnesses. Therefore garlic does not only benefit our hair but promotes overall health as well.

Garlic is excellent for hair growth because it helps to decrease shedding of our hair, boosts regeneration of new hair follicles, removes harmful toxins from our hair/scalp, promotes scalp circulation, enhances hair texture, controls hair loss and strengthens/reinforces our hair roots. I cannot stress enough how valuable this herb truly is.

The more pungent the smell of the garlic, the more beneficial it will be because it’s sulphur content will be higher. Sulphur is the structural part of many proteins including keratin the protein which our hair is made of, therefore garlic will work to fortify our hair. Garlic also contains other important minerals such as selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C and so on which are critical for hair growth.

Garlic can be used for hair growth in various ways which include:

Taking garlic pills: There are various garlic pills (including the odourless variety which I take myself) that can be obtained from the pharmacy which should be taken internally. Over a course of time (in as little as three weeks) an improvement in the hair should be seen.

Adding garlic to natural oils: You can infuse garlic into an oil such as olive oil or sweet almond oil. This can be done by chopping some garlic into very small pieces and putting it in some oil over a period of time say two weeks. This concoction should be kept in the fridge to prevent it from going rancid. Alternatively you can take the seemingly easier route by using store-bought garlic infused olive oil, the only problem with this is that you will be unaware as to how much garlic is actually in the olive oil. I advise mixing about a tablespoon of this oil into your shampoos, deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, pre-shampoo treatments where you can be sure to wash your hair afterwards to avoid the garlicky smell.

Adding fresh garlic to your deep conditioners: You can chop some garlic cloves very finely or mince them and mix into to your deep conditioners or alternatively you can add your garlic infused oil in to your deep conditioner as well.

Is this a natural ingredient you may try?


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Monday, 10 September 2012

How to Regrow Your Hairline/Edges

Due to the amount of emails I have received on this issue I decided to tackle this subject as soon as possible. So here goes - Our hair line is perhaps one of the most delicate parts of our hair because the hair around the hairline is usually more fragile (as it is may be slightly thinner than the other parts of our hair) and more prone to breakage due to manipulation/styling.

My hairline 

The primary cause of hair loss around our hairline is because our edges are made to undergo unnecessary stress in various situations such as:

1. When we do longer term protective styles like braids, corn rows, weaves and so on and they are done too tight.

2. When we manipulate our own hair daily into tight buns, tight ponytails, tight corn rows, tight plaits and such.

3. When lace front wigs or weaves are glued to our very edges.

I will advise that everyone use other forms of protective styling that do not involve using glue on the hair. A tell-tale sign that your hair style is too tight is when you notice little bumps or even tiny scabs (in more serious cases) around your fore head.

Therefore the major cause of hair loss around our hair line is traction alopecia which is hair loss caused by pulling the hair too tight. Other causes of hair loss around our hair line can be attributed to age, stress, our genes, incorrect application of relaxers, illness and so on.

There are several ways to prevent thinning of our hairline which include:

1. Avoiding hair styles that cause unnecessary stress to our edges. It is important that weaves and braids are not done too tightly. Even though we all want the sleek, pulled back effect when it comes to our hair buns and ponytails we should make sure they are not too tight and we should endeavour to switch up the position of the bun/pony tail ever so often.

2. Not using hard bristle brushes that are meant for brushing out weaves on your hair.

3. Reducing heat usage from blow dryers, flat irons on your hair and especially around your edges.

4. Applying relaxers the correct way making sure you are not applying it on previously relaxed hair (overlapping) and being more careful with the hair around your edges during relaxer application.

5. Caring for our hair and making sure we follow up on all necessary treatments such as deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, pre-shampoo treatments and so on.

6. Being healthy making sure you exercise and have proper nutrition.

In the event where you are however already experiencing hair loss around your edges the following can help to reverse this:

1. Natural Oils/Growth Aids applied on edges: Use a natural oil on your edges such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, Jojoba Oil or Castor Oil. Either of these natural oils will provide your hair with much needed nourishment, rejuvenation and stimulate the hair follicles to grow faster. It is best to use these oils every other day for very severe cases and about once or twice a week for milder cases.

Due to my genes I do not have a very full hair line, I however avoid using my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil on my edges and on the rest of my scalp every other day because I already have longer and thicker hair from applying it to my scalp weekly. However I am going to challenge myself to apply this oil all over my scalp including my hair line every other day after my next relaxer so that I can achieve maximum hair growth (watch this space).

2. Scalp massages: It is important to properly massage these natural oils into the scalp. Try to dedicate about five - fifteen minutes to massaging your scalp concentrating specifically on your edges. This massaging action will stimulate blood flow to your scalp therefore resulting in faster hair growth.

3. Add natural oils to your deep conditioner: For a boost to your deep conditioning treatment add natural oils such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, jojoba oil or castor oil to your deep conditioners about 1 tablespoon should do and apply on your hair as normal concentrating your efforts on the hair around your edges. These oils will result in an increased  benefit to your deep conditioner and the heat from deep conditioning will stimulate the hair follicles through deeper penetration during the treatment.

4. Moisturise and seal: Moisturise your hair with an effective moisturiser and seal with an oil concentrating your efforts on your edges because often times our hair line is neglected when moisturising. See my post on how I moisturise and seal my hair here.

5. Use silk/satin scarf/bonnet: It is important to protect the hair after applying the oils and moisturisers, the extra heat from covering your hair simulates the products to work more effectively and protects your hair whilst sleeping. However the scarf should never be worn too tightly.

I am always interested in what my readers would like me to cover, send me an email with your requests and I will be sure to address them.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Ocean Waves Holiday Hair Style

This is an easy hairstyle where you just want to let your hair loose to blow in the wind. The waves of the ocean are my inspiration for this fun wavy look. It is a perfect go-to holiday hair style and is also lovely to wear on a night out with friends.

Scenic shot captured by yours truly of an exquisite beach  on the coast of West Africa - my perfect vacation  spot

Things you will need
Oil to Seal
Hair Band/Alice Band (Optional)

1. Moisturise and seal the hair. Ensure that your hair is not weighed down by the moisturiser. Using too much moisturiser will result in hair that would lack the necessary volume for this style.

You may skip this step if you have already moisturised your hair, you can however use a bit of oil for shine and manageability.

2. Plait/Braid hair into one. I do only one braid because the look I am trying to achieve is a looser wavy look as opposed to a tighter more curly look. If your hair cannot be easily manipulated into one braid then you can braid your hair in two sections. You can leave the braid in over night or for at least thirty minutes. The longer the braid is left in, the wavier the hair will be.

3. Take out the braid and separate gently with your fingers. 

4. Fluff lightly as you go along. Do not comb. If you must comb, do so sparingly making sure not to disturb the curls created by the braids.

5. Use your hands to open up the hair (thereby increasing volume).

Texture shot

6. Add a hair band/alice band to keep hair away from your face and to add some spice.

The final result

I would love to know how this style turns out for you.

PS. This style may turn out slightly different each time.

Many thanks to all my lovely subscribers as well as African Naturalista for featuring my post on "the 10 Cardinal Rules for growing longer and healthier hair" in her blog.


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