Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hair Salons and your Healthy Hair Journey

Hey lovelies, hope you are all fine. I just wanted to do a quick post on hair salons. Now if you are on a journey to longer and healthier hair you have several options. Either to do everything yourself, go to a salon to get it done or you are somewhere in the middle.

If you tend to do everything yourself then more power to you. After all it is not absolutely necessary for everyone to go to the hair salon. I have tried to do everything myself in the past and the only reason I stopped is because my hair ended up having different textures and some parts of it were left under processed while I was self relaxing. Now I go to the hair salon only to get my hair relaxed or I might wash my hair in the salon if I am really pressed for time however this hardly happens.

I just thought to write this post for anyone who wants to grow their hair healthy and long without having to do everything themselves. (Believe me you are not the only one there are times I feel too tired to wash my hair). Going to the hair salon does not have to spell doom to your hair however you have two options either to go to a hair salon which practices healthy hair care or to teach your hair stylist how to properly  care for your hair. Either way it is a win win situation, with the end result being fabulously healthy hair.

If you go to a salon which practices healthy hair care then you are all right (however let us face the truth - several hair salons in Nigeria do not aim to practice healthy hair practices for hair growth). If however you have to teach or direct your hair stylist on proper hair care methods the following might be helpful:

Direct you stylist on each step and what each product is meant for as well as any techniques you might prefer:  If you want to do a pre shampoo treatment before washing your hair or spend some extra time under the steamer to make sure your deep conditioner penetrates properly, explain everything.

Insist on using your own products if you can: Using your own products will ensure that you know whether or not your hair is responding to a certain treatment. However if you trust the salon brand used in the hair salon this may not be a problem for you.

Do not hesitate to speak out if your hair stylist is doing something you are uncomfortable with: For example if you are relaxing your hair and your stylist wants to start applying the relaxer without basing your scalp then you need to speak up so that things will be done properly. 

As long as the above can be implemented you are well on your way to long and healthy hair with a little help from your trusted stylist. Kindly share any good or bad experiences you had in the hair salon.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Relaxing your Hair – The necessary precautions

Hey lovelies, hope you are all well. Thank you to all my new subbies, hope everyone is sticking to the rules of the Birthday Hair Growth Challenge. I thought to do a post on relaxer precautions to help those who may be unaware of how to prepare their hair for a relaxer. A relaxer is a chemical which usually contains sodium hydroxide (lye formula) or guanidine hydroxide (no lye formula) and can therefore be extremely harmful if it not used properly. Relaxers work by using these powerful chemicals to penetrate the cortex and break the disulfide bonds, thus straightening the hair. Once these bonds have been broken, the process is irreversible and the hair will be straight until it grows out or is cut.

Therefore prior to relaxing your hair it is important that your hair is not damaged to begin with. If your hair is breaking and is in bad shape do not think a relaxer will fix the problem. To ensure that your hair is properly protected prior to a relaxer, the following steps can be implemented:

1. Clarifying wash: If you are going for an almost bone straight look then it is important that you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo with contains sulfates at least one – three weeks prior to relaxing it. This will thoroughly cleanse your hair of any dirt, debris and such which will in turn lead to straighter and longer lasting relaxer results.

2. Protein treatment: One or two weeks before your relaxer, fortify your hair to be able to withstand this chemical process by using a good protein deep conditioner after washing it. A protein treatment is necessary because it strengthens and rebuilds the hair.

3. Wait for at least a week after washing your hair before relaxing it: This is one of the most important tips; do not relax your hair immediately after washing it or after waiting for a few days. If you relax your hair too soon after washing it you will experience relaxer burns, hair breakage and such. Leave at least a week interval prior to your relaxer, I personally wait for about two weeks. 

4. You may flat iron/straighten your hair: This is optional. However for those who have stretched their relaxer for a longer time say twelve weeks and upwards, it might be easier to straighten the hair particularly the new growth prior to relaxing it to reduce manipulation and hair breakage during the relaxer process. For example if your hair dresser is not the most patient of people, straightening your hair prior to relaxing it may be beneficial, also if you self relax it might be easier for you to work with straightened hair.

5. Do not scratch your hair: It is very important that you keep your fingers out of your hair from about two days before relaxing your hair, this is regardless of how tempted you may get. Scratching your scalp before relaxing it will only result in relaxer burns. I have some experience in this and they have not been pleasant ones. 

6. Wait at least a week after taking out braids, weaves: Ensure that you do not relax your hair immediately after taking out a long term protective style. It is good to wait for some days so that your hair can recuperate after all the stress it has been put through. It is necessary to do an intensive deep conditioning treatment after taking down such hairstyles rather than relaxing the hair immediately. Relaxing the hair soon after taking off the style may result in hair breakage and relaxer burns.

7. You can base your scalp: As an extra precaution you can choose to base your scalp with a light oil, however if you want something heavier you can try shea butter. Please note that something like shea butter may actually result in your new growth being under processed. Therefore make sure that when you are basing your scalp, any product is used sparingly except if you are going for more of a texlaxed look. You can use other products such as Vaseline, hair cream, it just depends on your preference. Extra care should be given to sensitive areas such as the hairline, nape, tops of ears, edges to prevent chemical damage.

8. You can protect the rest of your hair: You can apply product to the rest of your hair to prevent the relaxer from getting to your previously relaxed hair. Protecting the hair this way will prevent over processing, hair breakage and chemical damage to the hair. Products that can be used include hair creams, conditioners and so on. 

Hope this post has been beneficial, kindly share how you all take care of your hair before relaxing it. Are there any mistakes you have made that others might learn from or is this all new to you? I will do a post soon on relaxing hair properly.


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Friday, 5 July 2013

How I Love Fridays – Quick Tips

Fridays are exquisite...

Hey to all my precious darling subbies and welcome to all my new subscribers. I just wanted to do a quick how I Love Fridays post. I am really thankful that the lovely Friday is upon us once more and I just thought to share some hair tips with you all that can be beneficial and just for some fun as well.

First Tip – Do not underestimate the power of a Bun – Travel in Style

If you are a frequent reader of this blog you will know how much I love buns. I have stopped wearing my wig for some time (since I got my last relaxer) and I have literally been wearing my hair in a simple bun for about three weeks.  I usually just try to switch up the position of the bun as often as possible. Now on to the tip - buns are the best way to travel. Buns ensure that you look chic and well put together with minimal effort. Once you have moisturised your hair and sealed it just put it up in a bun and you can even fall asleep on the plane. My bun endured a nine hour flight, I got to my hotel and immediately went to a mall (where I got my make up done by a lovely lady at the mac counter). Look at the picture of my bun still looking cute without me having done a single thing to it. Just ensure that the bun is high enough and you can use a bit of gel for extra staying power.

Second Tip – Spice up your buns with a brooch

I am sure some of you already know this but for those that do not, an easy way to spice up a bun for a more dramatic effect is to accessorize with a brooch. You do not have to be limited to hair accessories alone. Simply take a brooch slide a hair pin through it and fix into your hair voila.

I wish you all an exquisite weekend.


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