Saturday, 28 September 2013

NCHG Salon Day Out

Hey loves, it's been a while. Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to put up a quick post of an event taking place on the 5th of October 2013 which is being hosted by my friend and fellow blogger the lovely Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow. The event which is taking place in Lagos promises to be an opportunity to get your hair pampered and treated properly - so come one, come all. For more information on the event kindly click here


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Monday, 16 September 2013

Black Tea Rinse to Reduce Hair Shedding

Shedding is a natural process which happens to everyone and is how our hair renews itself (you can read this post here on how to determine if your hair is shedding or breaking). However an excessive amount of shedding due to stress, pregnancy, weight loss, and so on can lead to loss in length and volume of our hair. 

Black tea is an excellent way to stop our hair from shedding as much. This is because it contains caffeine which blocks DHT, (dihydrotestosterone) a hormone which is responsible for hair loss and makes it impossible for healthy hair to thrive. Black tea also darkens the hair and gives it strength and shine.

Do not search high and low for black tea as it is none other than regular tea we drink every day so brands such as lipton, pg tips or tetley are examples of black tea that can be used for tea rinses. It is important that when doing the black tea rinse you do not opt for decaffeinated tea as the caffeine in the tea is the integral component of the rinse.

If you are experiencing a lot of shedding or if you will like to minimise the amount of hair shed, a black tea rinse might just be the remedy you are seeking. Another substitute for a black tea rinse is a coffee rinse which is equally effective because it contains caffeine like black tea and some say that it is gentler on the hair strands. You can also try black tea which contains other additional natural ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary, lavender and so on. The procedure as outlined below can also be used for coffee rinses if your prefer this.

The amount of tea used will vary on a person’s hair needs and what works for them. However anything from 2-10 bags is an adequate amount of tea. Simply steep the tea bags in hot water (in a medium sized bowl or pitcher) for ten to fifteen minutes and allow to cool with the tea bags still in or you can take them out. You can also choose to leave the tea bags in overnight in the fridge so that the tea is very strong. Once the tea is cool it is ready to use.

There are various ways to use black tea to reduce shedding however it is important to remember that due to the caffeine content, black tea will result in hard hair. So one should use a moisture deep conditioner whilst doing these rinses. If you do not know how to identify a moisture from a protein conditioner please read this post here. Here are the various way to use black tea rinses to combat shedding:

1. After shampooing your hair and drying it. Take the bowl or pitcher of black tea and pour it over your hair slowly concentrating on your scalp. You can also apply the black tea using a bottle with an applicator tip or you can use a regular bottle and punch a hole in the cap (excellent diy alternative). After pouring it over your hair, cover you hair with a plastic cap anywhere between ten minutes to an hour. Rinse out and then apply some moisturising deep conditioner on your hair, cover hair and leave for the required amount of time and then rinse.

2. An alternative to the above method is that after pouring the tea on your hair and leaving it on for the required amount of time under a plastic cap, you do not rinse out but apply the moisture deep conditioner over it.

3. Another alternative is that you pour the tea on your hair and immediately apply a moisturising deep conditioner over it and then cover hair for the required amount of time and rinse.

4. You can also apply the tea to your hair before shampooing and conditioning as a form of pre shampoo treatment. Cover your hair and leave the tea on your hair for the required amount of time, rinse and shampoo and condition as normal.

PS. Wear some old clothes when doing this treatment and wash your bathtub immediately afterwards to prevent the tea from staining it.

Have you tried black tea rinses, what was your experience with it or is this a treatment you will be willing to try? Hope everyone is sticking to the rules of the Birthday Hair Growth Challenge, we have a little over a month to go.


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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wash Day Post

I just realised that I have not put up a detailed list of my hair regimen on this blog. The reason why I have probably not done this is because I do not want everyone to just go and try out these steps and find out that it does not work for them. Regardless of this however it is important for me to share to at least serve as a guide. I have recently changed my regimen and I must say that it suits me just fine, I changed some of my conditioners and shampoos. Now here goes the detailed wash day post:

I had to wait two weeks before washing my hair because of the relaxer burns I experienced as I needed to ensure that they had completely healed. I decided to be very diligent with this wash day to nurse my hair back to health after the excruciating relaxer experience I had.

I started off by pre pooing with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil for about four hours. I covered my hair with two nylon bags and two shower caps.

I rinsed off the oil and shampooed my hair with Africa’s Best Kids Organics Shea Butter Shampoo (this product is available in Nigeria).  This was actually my first time using this product and over all I liked it. I will do a more detailed review after I have used it a few more times. It contains sulfates there are times when you need a good sulfate shampoo, I used this to remove any last traces of the relaxer, however I tend to only use sulfate shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate because they are milder and work best for me.

I also detangled in two sections (with shampoo in my hair), first with my fingers and then with a wide tooth comb whilst washing my hair, I do not recommend this and I do not do this every time but it seemed to work perfectly at this stage as I hardly have any new growth. I normally shampoo my hair in two sections to minimise tangles after that was done I towel dried still in those two sections.

I then applied a coin sized amount of Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to each section of my hair (this is the oil rinsing step of my regimen).

Then I applied my conditioner over the oil, I usually apply my conditioner in sections. I take a section of hair apply some conditioner rub it in gently and twist it till I have about six to eight twists.

My conditioner mix included one and a half tablespoons of  Redken Extreme Builder Plus, three table spoons Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner (review here), one and a half tablespoons of Wura’s Secret Whipped Penetrating Moisturising Conditioner, a squirt of Roux Porosity Control Conditioner (this is the newest addition to my hair regimen and I use it every single wash day), one tablespoon hair trigger growth elixir, one tablespoon wura’s secret hair growth oil, one tablespoon coconut oil, half a tablespoon of castor oil, 4 drops of rosemary and lavender oil.

Here are some of the conditioners I used

I covered my hair for about seven hours with two nylon bags and two shower caps, I usually put a scarf on top of all this but my head seemed to hurt for some reason.

I then rinsed with cold water still in two sections, I usually just lean over the bath the entire wash day process instead of getting in.

I towel dried in those two sections and then immediately started sectioning off my hair and I applied some Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my scalp and then coconut oil on my hair, then Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and then I combed. I noticed that the smoothie made my hair slightly hard and not as easy to comb as when I use my Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser but I wanted to try this product out on wet hair and then I sealed each section with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil and twisted it until I had about twelve twists in total.

This was my hair on Monday (after I had unraveled the twists), I wanted a tight curly look that was restrained

My Friday look I was going for a more messy look (I still have a lot of texture left from the twists), my hair is not as long as it used to be but it is getting there

Kindly share how your wash day went and if you have tried any of the products I have used. Have a splendid weekend loves.


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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Product Review - Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Hey my precious lovelies, hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to do a quick review of a delightful product I got recently from the awesome Fifi (thank you very much dearest). I am the first one to tell people that you do not absolutely need to travel to get products for your hair. Regardless of how bad the product situation in your place of residence is, it is all about finding the right products that work for you by reading the labels and the product claims. However with that being said on to the review – it is described on the jar as Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie with Coconut Oil, Silk Protein and Neem Oil; for thick, curly hair; for moisture, body and shine.

The directions on the jar are as follows: Apply to damp or styled hair to enhance curls, minimise frizz and provide curl control.

It contains all natural ingredients such as water, shea butter, coconut oil, mango seed butter, avocado oil, vegetable glycerine, aloe barbadenis leaf extract, silk protein, neem seed oil, carrot seed oil, panthenol, essential oil blend, honeysuckle flower, vitamin E.


1. It has a very delightful smell, it is literally the best smelling hair product I have tried.
2. A little goes a long way, this product can definitely last a while because you only need a little bit.
3. It has a very creamy soft almost whipped like consistency.
4. This leads me to the fact that it is absolutely moisturising, I cannot explain how well moisturised my hair feels after using this product.
5. It contains protein however it does not feel like typical protein moisturisers it is much more moisturising.
6. It is suitable to be used on all hair types, relaxed, texalxed, natural and so on.
7. It is a multipurpose product as it can be used to hold braid outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs, hence its name. I will attempt to do one of these styles, using this product and I will show you all the finished results.
8. It is all natural and contains no harmful ingredients such as parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, sulphates and so on.
9. I love the packaging of this product simple yet effective to get the point across.
10.It is good value for money since it lasts a while.


1. It is not readily available in Nigeria.
2. It may be more suited for people with thicker hair (after writing this I saw that the product actually states thick, curly hair), if your hair is fine it might be weighed down by this product.
3. Some might say it may be more better suited as a sealant due to its heavy consistency and the amount of oils it contains even though water is listed as the first ingredient. I myself use it as my cream moisturiser after having already applied my Wura's Secret Hair Moisturiser which has a more liquid consistency. 
4. Perhaps I would have preferred it more with a pump, I do not really enjoy dipping my fingers into products.

Rating 5/5 (Excellent)

What is your experience with this product or is it something that you would be willing to try?


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