Thursday, 5 September 2013

Product Review - Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Hey my precious lovelies, hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to do a quick review of a delightful product I got recently from the awesome Fifi (thank you very much dearest). I am the first one to tell people that you do not absolutely need to travel to get products for your hair. Regardless of how bad the product situation in your place of residence is, it is all about finding the right products that work for you by reading the labels and the product claims. However with that being said on to the review – it is described on the jar as Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie with Coconut Oil, Silk Protein and Neem Oil; for thick, curly hair; for moisture, body and shine.

The directions on the jar are as follows: Apply to damp or styled hair to enhance curls, minimise frizz and provide curl control.

It contains all natural ingredients such as water, shea butter, coconut oil, mango seed butter, avocado oil, vegetable glycerine, aloe barbadenis leaf extract, silk protein, neem seed oil, carrot seed oil, panthenol, essential oil blend, honeysuckle flower, vitamin E.


1. It has a very delightful smell, it is literally the best smelling hair product I have tried.
2. A little goes a long way, this product can definitely last a while because you only need a little bit.
3. It has a very creamy soft almost whipped like consistency.
4. This leads me to the fact that it is absolutely moisturising, I cannot explain how well moisturised my hair feels after using this product.
5. It contains protein however it does not feel like typical protein moisturisers it is much more moisturising.
6. It is suitable to be used on all hair types, relaxed, texalxed, natural and so on.
7. It is a multipurpose product as it can be used to hold braid outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs, hence its name. I will attempt to do one of these styles, using this product and I will show you all the finished results.
8. It is all natural and contains no harmful ingredients such as parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, sulphates and so on.
9. I love the packaging of this product simple yet effective to get the point across.
10.It is good value for money since it lasts a while.


1. It is not readily available in Nigeria.
2. It may be more suited for people with thicker hair (after writing this I saw that the product actually states thick, curly hair), if your hair is fine it might be weighed down by this product.
3. Some might say it may be more better suited as a sealant due to its heavy consistency and the amount of oils it contains even though water is listed as the first ingredient. I myself use it as my cream moisturiser after having already applied my Wura's Secret Hair Moisturiser which has a more liquid consistency. 
4. Perhaps I would have preferred it more with a pump, I do not really enjoy dipping my fingers into products.

Rating 5/5 (Excellent)

What is your experience with this product or is it something that you would be willing to try?


What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness, star dust, or sea foam, flower or winged air - Thomas Bailey Aldrich, A shadow of the night


  1. Great review Tonkabelle. This looks like a lovely product and I always read good things. Hopefully I'll get my hands on it at some point x

    1. Aww thanks for your comment Lesley love, hope you get it soon, xx

  2. Awesome review. The scent of all of the Coconut and Hibiscus products from Shea Moisture is divine! I use this one as the "holding" product in my Bantu knots. I bought my container probably 2 years ago and I still have half the jar to go. A little goes a longggg way!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Yes KLP I just can't get over how lovely the smell is. I will definitely try it out on bantu knot outs. Thanks for commenting dear, xx

  3. Nice review. This has been on my 'to try' list for a while. It does look pretty thick, now I'm leaning towards usding as a sealant.

    1. Hey Jen, it definitely works well as a sealant. Thanks for commenting, xx

  4. Yeah I love this product as a sealant! Great post

  5. Great review Tonkabelle, i have actually been on the look out for this product. Heard its amazing for natural hair.

    1. Yes dear it is amazing for natural hair and really helps to hold styles, xx

  6. I just started this product about two days ago. I love the smell, how soft and creamy it is and it dont weight ur hair down. And that it moisture ur hair as well. But i wanna knw do it make ur hair grow??


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