Monday, 28 July 2014

Hair Length Comparison Pictures

Hey lovelies hope you are all having a fabulous Monday, it is a public holiday over here so I am glad to put my feet up and take it easy. Anyway remember I said I cut my hair in about February this year, although I took no pictures of the cut itself. However I was able to find this slightly old picture which I compared against my recent relaxer results. You will be able to see how much my hair grew from April to July this year.

The only thing I have been doing to my hair is moisturising and sealing it every day or every other day using mainly my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products, getting it washed and deep conditioned using a steamer every two weeks and always keeping it in a bun. Enjoy!!!

I will be getting braids installed soon and will be doing a personal braids hair growth challenge, I hope some of you getting braids or other longer term protective styles such as weaves will be able to use some of the rules as a guide to gaining some good length.

I look forward to any questions or comments you may have, see you soon in my next one.


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Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Relaxer Update

I relaxed my hair on Monday, 7th of July 2014 at the salon because I have stopped self relaxing for a while now. The lovely lady who relaxed my hair, did a good job. She parted my hair into four sections and made sure to apply the relaxer to my new growth only. She was also very gentle with my 10 weeks post relaxer hair. For sometime now I have been relaxing at 10 weeks post however I hope to stretch my relaxer further at my next appointment by doing a long term protective style.

Anyway after she applied the relaxer she made sure to rinse it off first with water and then properly with a neutralizing shampoo. She took pains to ensure that she washed my hair with shampoo three times and she spent about 5 minutes on each wash making a total of about 20 minutes on shampooing alone.

She then applied some deep conditioner on my hair and I went underneath a steamer for about 20 minutes. She applied leave ins/heat protectant and proceeded to blow dry my hair. Midway she oiled my scalp and gave me a wonderful scalp massage and then she completed the blow dry.

I just asked her to put my hair in a pony tail and that was it. When I got home I sealed my hair with some oil and I decided to take a picture or two.

My hair regimen for the past year has been really simplistic. I had earlier cut my hair to make it more manageable but it is growing out as I write. I will not cut it again but will trim it just before I put it up in the longer term protective style. I am thinking of getting some braids installed perhaps I may do a braids hair growth challenge to hold me accountable so I do not slack off.

When I take out the braids I intend on being really serious about growing this hair of mine and will love you all to participate in the upcoming hair growth challenge. Prior to getting this relaxer done all I was doing to my hair was washing it every two weeks and trying my best to moisturise and seal every day and protective styling everyday (it was always in a bun).

Before getting the braids installed I intend to wash and deep condition my hair more often either weekly or every ten days to ensure my hair is at its healthiest before I get the braids installed.

Kindly leave any comments or questions you might have, I will be always glad to respond and please stay tuned to my blog for another post coming soon. Watch this space loves.


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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cleansing the scalp – Hair Cleanser Recipe

Happy New Month to everyone, I wish you all the most wonderful month with loads of good surprises along the way.

I just thought to share this hair cleanser recipe because there are times when before our next wash day our scalp feels dirty or sweaty. This usually happens when the weather is really hot or where you do daily workouts or you may just have a really sweaty scalp. If you really want to improve the feel and smell/scent of your hair before your next wash day a scalp cleanser might be just what you need.

Advantages of the scalp cleansing method

It refreshes your hair in between washes.
It leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh
It aids proper circulation in your scalp
It can also be used to cleanse hair in longer term protective styles. For example it is an excellent way to refresh your braids or plaits underneath your wig.
It saves time and decreases manipulation since you do not have to wash your hair as much.


A small bottle/container with a lid
Cotton wool


1 oz of distilled water
5 to 10 drops of an essential oil – e.g. lavender oil, tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil


Put the measured amount of water into the bottle/container and add the required amount of essential oil. Shake well and it is ready to use.

Directions – on how to use

Part your hair into sections and apply a bit of the solution onto a cotton pad and use it to sort of cleanse your hair; just the same way you would cleanse your face in the mornings. Continue this process until you have covered your entire head of hair. You might wish to repeat if your hair is really dirty. There is no need to rinse.

Hope you enjoy this simple recipe, I guess it might be a bit difficult to find the essential oils in Nigeria. However an excellent essential oil to use which I believe is more readily available in pharmacies would be eucalyptus oil as it has anti bacterial and healing qualities.


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