Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Classic Lady Voluminous Bun – How to create a Huge Bun on Shorter Texlaxed, Relaxed and Natural Hair

Hello my loves, I am very excited to share how I created a voluminous bun for shorter lengths. I believe that this bun can be achieved on all hair types, texlaxed, relaxed and natural. I am currently transitioning to texlaxed hair however majority of my hair is still relaxed. I think this voluminous bun will work even better on natural hair as natural hair already has that required volume. However for natural hair I advise that the hair should be stretched in some way, prior to doing the bun.

You all know about my recent hair cut and how I have been growing my hair out hence the hair growth challenge. Certain hairstyles that I used to do have become a bit difficult to achieve on my current hair length, so I was so happy with how my voluminous bun turned out, that I decided to share the little tips and tricks I used to achieve this look.  This is a classic look that will make you the belle of any ball and can be worn on a casual day as well. I have done this sort of bun before so to add something extra I decided to add a side swept bang.

I was very happy with the volume of my bun as my hair is much shorter now. I am doing this post in collaboration with Lade of ReHairducation who does the bun of the month series on her blog. Please be sure to check out her own post on how she created her bun here.

Now let’s get into the tutorial, to start out with this hair style I will not typically moisturise my hair because if I do I would not get the sort of volume I need and my hair would not be as full. So I moisturise and seal the night before to prep for the hairstyle.

To begin I only seal with my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil the purpose of this is to add shine and lubrication to your hair and hands while styling. When doing this hairstyle it is good to have some oil on your hands when styling the hair.

Try to smooth out your edges, like I am doing here with a comb. You can also add something that would lay your edges down (optional). Personally, I do not really bother with laying my edges. I just combed it a bit as I am about 11 weeks post here.

Another tip for relaxed/texlaxed hair is that you would achieve more fullness and volume in your bun if you are about 8 weeks post and upwards. Another vital tip for texlaxed or relaxed heads is that it is best to do this style on air dried hair to give the bun the required volume it needs.

Next separate the front section that will be used for the bang portion, you have to keep playing with the amount of hair you bring out until you are sure it will create the perfect side swept swoop effect. I like the added bang as it gives the illusion of really thick hair.

Next swoop it into a side swept bang and pin in place behind your ear.

Then smoothen out the bang area to get it to look flatter, use a comb to go over it.

Then fluff your entire hair using your fingers. By fluff I mean put one hand at the base of your head and the other at the crown of your head and try to open the hair. This will add the necessary fullness to the bun. (To see clear details and pictures on how to fluff, use the wide elastic hair band and pin in place refer to my old bun tutorial post here).

Take your wide elastic hair band and pull all your hair at the back through the wide hair band, adjust the hair band until you get the wideness you want.

Then, take the very ends of your hair and pin it underneath your headband, one or two hair pins should suffice. (If your hair is natural, you can omit the pinning part and wear the hairstyle like a puff if you prefer).

You can see the side swept effect (you can also see the wide elastic band I used for the bun).

In this picture, you see where I pinned the swoop bang above my ear.

Voila, don’t forget to check out my old bun tutorial here, if you require more clarity on achieving the hairstyle. I hope you are all able to recreate my voluminous bun for relaxed, texlaxed and natural hair, if you do please share and tag me on instagram (@wurassecrethair). If you have further questions or any comments/suggestions for the blog please share in the comment section below.


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Monday, 25 April 2016

5 Reasons why you should not use Heat on your Hair constantly

Hello my lovelies, we all know that using heat to style or dry our hair too frequently will not do our hair any favours. Even when you use a heat protectant prior to using heat, your hair may still be negatively affected when heat is used too regularly. The heat I am referring to is in the form of direct heat such as curling wands, hair straighteners, blow dryers and so on. Indirect heat on the other hand is much better for your hair. Examples of indirect heat are steaming or deep conditioning your hair with heat or roller setting.

It is recommended that even if you need to use heat, this should be limited to only once a month (or at the very least, twice a month). It is therefore important to embrace the art of air drying, you can even achieve curls on your hair without heat (you can refer to my post here). You can however use indirect heat to style or dry your hair if you prefer that option for a roller set, flexi rod set, curl formers set, perm rods set as they are forms of indirect heat which are less damaging to the hair as your hair is in curls underneath a hair dryer. Minimizing the use of heat is extremely beneficial to our hair and I will go ahead to state 5 reasons why:

Heat dries out the hair: Have you ever wondered why your hair is dry, dull and feels hard to the touch? This could very well be because you are using a lot of heat on your hair. When you use heat to dry your hair even though you apply moisturiser and leave in treatment prior to using heat, the heat in the process of drying out your hair also dries out the products that have been applied to your hair. That is why sometimes when you blow dry incorrectly you notice your hair feels hard and crunchy. This is not a good look and would not help in our aim to achieve healthy, long hair. When you air dry correctly the result is fluffy, bouncy and well moisturised hair which feels supple and soft to the touch.

Your hair is flat with no volume: Most people use heat to achieve straighter hair. However remember that our hair is not naturally straight even after it has been chemically altered through relaxers and that is why even for relaxed/texlaxed hair, you hair would not typically air dry straight, rather it retains some of its natural texture. We should enjoy our hair in its natural texture and not always feel the need to have straight hair every single time. So take for example you wash your hair every week and flat iron/straighten it weekly and you sometimes go over it with your hair straightener/flat iron in the middle of the week and you go on like this constantly, you may find yourself with limp hair that lacks volume over time. This is especially true for people with fine hair, it is therefore important for those with fine hair to minimize the amount of heat they use in their hair. You get more volume and thickness with air drying. If you want thick, voluminous, healthy hair constant heat styling will prevent that from happening.

Here is an example of my air dried bun, I would not be able to achieve this sort of volume on blow dried hair

Heat may lead to more breakage: Another reason why excessive heat is the enemy is because too much heat can cause breakage which usually occurs as a result of the hair being dry and brittle, also the amount of combing/brushing the hair has to undergo in order to be heat styled can also lead to breakage.

Heat may cause damage to the hair: This happens when heating tools are used on the hair on a very high temperature thereby causing damage to the hair cuticle and for those with natural hair it can actually alter their curl pattern.

Heat may also cause split ends: It is already established that excessive heat usage can dry out the hair, this may however also lead to split ends.

As the saying goes everything in moderation, nothing in excess. Please share your experiences with using heat as well as with air drying your hair. Your comments, suggestions and questions are absolutely welcome.

PS. I just have to share some exciting news, my article on "How to save your receding edges and sparse hairline" was featured on Bella Naija here.


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Monday, 18 April 2016

The Benefits of a pre-shampoo treatment (pre-poo) and how to pre-poo

Hello my loves I am back with a post on the benefits of a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) treatment and how to properly do a pre-poo.  A pre-shampoo treatment is one where you apply a treatment to dry hair prior to washing it (such as oils, rinse out conditioners and so on), to enable the hair withstand the effects of the shampoo process. It is not to be confused with hot oil treatment or oil rinses (I have covered both of them in previous posts).

If you pre-poo wrongly you would not be able to enjoy its benefits. I used to always do a pre-shampoo treatment before shampooing my hair but after some time I decided that it was one extra step I did not need because of the time involved. However very recently in light of my hair growth challenge I decided to explore pre-poo treatments again and tried using a different pre-poo, the benefits are enormous and my hair is doing much better than before. So for pre-poos it is important to switch it up until you find something that works for you.

I have to say that the benefits of pre-shampoo treatments are amazing. Even though it seems like it prolongs the whole wash day process. The reward is hair that is less tangled which leads to less breakage during wash day and so it is a win win situation. You know the saying that you have to give to get, pre-pooing is something like that (you give extra time to get awesome results). Anyway let me go ahead to mention the benefits so that I can convince you that pre-shampoo treatments promote hair health and improve length retention.
  • It removes tangles from your hair which leads to less breakage: A major reason why there is a lot of hair breakage during wash days is because the hair is tangled and dry when it is being washed. When you pre-poo it is important that when you are applying the pre-poo you detangle as you go along either with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. This means that the right pre poo treatment for you should be one which also aids in detangling your hair. When you are able to properly detangle your hair before shampooing it, there would be less tangles when your hair is being washed which will in turn lead to less breakage. We all know that one of the sources of hair breakage is the process of trying to detangle very tangled hair.
  • It moisturises the hair: When you use a proper pre-shampoo treatment you would notice that your hair feels more moisturised afterwards this is because the treatment will work as a moisturiser and will enable your hair withstand the harsh effects of the shampoo. After the shampoo has been rinsed out your hair should feel moisturised and not dry. Also after deep conditioning and drying your hair you will find that your hair feels softer and more moisturised.
  • It conditions the hair: One of the main reasons for pre-shampoo treatments is that it is meant to act as a conditioner to your hair prior to washing it. This means it is supposed to condition, strengthen and fortify the hair to enable it withstand the effects of shampoo. If you do not feel like your pre-poo is conditioning your hair you need to experiment with different types till you find one which works for you.
  • The hair becomes softer and more manageable: The effects of pre-poo treatments should be felt long after the wash day is over, as a pre-poo shields your hair from the harsh, drying effects of shampoo. It should make your hair feel softer and more manageable.

Now let us get into how to do a pre-shampoo treatment:

Before we get started however let me list the various pre-poo treatments. You can use a rinse off conditioner such as Tresemme conditioner, Alberto Balsam Conditioner, V05 Conditioner, Suave Conditioner and so on. You can also use oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and so on. You can use food such as honey, blended banana or avocado, yoghurt, coconut milk or you can use a combination of some or all of the above. For example my pre-poo treatment is usually V05 Conditioner sealed in with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, however there are loads of variations you can try. You can even use a deep conditioner to pre-poo however I do not recommend this since after shampooing you would still deep condition the hair. You can however use a deep conditioner if that is your preference. For example you deep condition on dry hair before shampooing.

To do a pre-poo simply take your pre-poo treatment of choice and apply to your hair, if you are using an oil you can decide to apply it on your scalp as well. Please note that the only pre-shampoo treatment that should be applied to your scalp is an oil.

When applying it in your hair it is important to work in sections. Take a section apply the pre-poo until you have coated the entire hair concentrate your efforts on the entire hair, particularly the roots and ends. Lightly detangle with fingers or a wide tooth comb and repeat on the remaining sections until you are through. If you use a rinse off conditioner or honey you can decide to seal with an oil.

Cover hair with a plastic cap or like me use a nylon bag and then a plastic cap for better retention of heat. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, some people also pre poo overnight. You can also use heat to minimise the treatment time.

When you want to shampoo do not rinse out the pre-poo simply wet your hair and proceed to wash your hair as normal. It is very important not to rinse out the pre-poo before washing the hair as this reduces the benefits of the pre-poo.

I would love to know if you have ever tried a pre-poo and if you have what combination did you find that works for you? Or if you are yet to try it out, please share what you intend to use. Also if you have any topics you would like me to address or any general suggestions do share.


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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Wash Day Post – Airdrying & a Bun

Hey loves, hope you are all having a wonderful week, just thought to come on here to share my wash day post with you all. I cannot overemphasize the benefits of air drying when washing our hair to improve its overall length when it is done correctly you enjoy fluffy and soft hair. I intend to do a post on this. Anyway I started out with a pre shampoo treatment I cannot stress enough the importance of this step. It is crucial especially when you have tangled, dry hair it really does speed up the wash day process and makes it so much more easier and less stressful.

I used VO5 Silky Experiences Shea Cashmere Conditioner as a pre shampoo treatment I divided my hair into about 6 sections and made sure to apply the conditioner throughout each section of hair concentrating on the roots and the tips, finger detangling as I went along. I then sealed everything in with my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. In my own experience I prefer pre pooing with a conditioner and applying oil over the top to seal the conditioner in. I l covered my hair with a plastic cap and a shower cap and left it in for an hour.

I then proceeded to wash my hair I used the ORS Aloe Creamy Shampoo because I needed to clarify my hair as I had some product build up. I then deep conditioned for about 4 hours of which I sat under my curl formers hooded dryer attachment for about 45 minutes. I deep conditioned with my Wura’s Secret Moisturising Conditioner, ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil and Coconut Oil this deep conditioning mix seems like a win for me. I also sealed in the deep conditioner with olive oil – I like to do this as a form of oil rinsing.

I normally only detangle my hair after the deep conditioner has been sitting in it for a while before I rinse it out as I believe this minimizes breakage as the deep conditioner has had a chance to work its magic. When I was detangling with conditioner still in my hair, I noticed my hair had tons of slip and I incurred minimal breakage I was really happy about this.

I rinsed out the deep conditioner with cold water and dried my hair, gently in one direction with a towel. I then applied my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my scalp and used my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion throughout my hair and sealed with coconut oil.

I then put my hair in one ponytail and went out for about 2 hours my hair was almost dry when I got home. I have found that going out allows my hair to air dry faster. When I got home after the 2 hours I proceeded to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb as it was semi damp and applied some coconut oil again to seal. I put it back in a ponytail wore my satin scarf to lay my edges and went to sleep.

In the morning when I woke up, I applied a bit more Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion and sealed with coconut oil and put my hair in a bun, this was the final look – a fluffy bun.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post; please share how your wash day went. I would also like to thank everyone that takes their time to out to read my posts, please send me an email if there is anything you would like me to post on or you can also leave a comment with your post suggestions below.

The Wash Day Experience


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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Hello my loves, I am back again with another post – let’s get started. Castor Oil has been used throughout the centuries as a remedy to prevent hair loss and thinning hair. It is derived from the seeds/beans of the Castor Oil plant. Castor Oil is actually one of the most effective oils for hair growth, this is because it contains proteins, minerals, Vitamin E as well as omega 6 fatty acids. It also has natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which combat dandruff and other scalp infections. Castor Oil contains ricinoleic acid (Omega 9 fatty acids) which boosts hair growth and thickens the hair thereby giving it a fuller appearance. Castor Oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and provides nourishment to the hair follicles and shaft. Its protein content aids in the prevention of keratin loss thereby strengthening and fortifying the hair against damage from external factors. Castor Oil is also a humectant as it draws and retains moisture from the atmosphere into the hair.

When buying castor oil it is important to determine how the oil is made; it must be cold pressed (which means the ingredients natural value has been retained) and unrefined to be authentic. There is the regular castor oil and then there is black castor oil which goes thorough a slightly different processing method (where the beans are roasted). However in my own opinion both types work the same.

Personally, castor oil is one of my favourite oils and features as a key ingredient in my Wura’s Secret Hair Care Products. The reason why I like this oil is because it feels soft when I apply it to my coarse textured hair. It penetrates deeply into my hair shaft and conditions and moisturises it; as castor oil has the ability to not only coat the hair shaft but to penetrate deeply into it, thereby nourishing and hydrating the hair. I also love castor oil because it thickens up the hair and promotes and aids faster hair growth. If you are therefore looking for your hair to derive the above benefits, I would suggest that you in addition to using castor oil on its own, also try to make sure that castor oil features as an ingredient in the hair products you use.

Let me outline the ways in which castor oil can be used:

As a Scalp/Edges Oil: This is one of the most popular ways to use castor oil. It simply involves applying castor oil to your scalp and also on your edges. It is important to massage as you apply to obtain the maximum benefit from the oil.

As a Pre-shampoo Treatment: Castor Oil can be used as an effective pre shampoo treatment simply apply it to your entire hair as well as your scalp and cover hair with a plastic cap leave on your hair for at least 30 minutes (you can even leave it in overnight for optimum benefits) before proceeding to shampoo your hair.

As a Deep Conditioner/Deep Conditioner Addition: You can use castor oil alone to deep condition your hair; you can also mix it with other oils such as sesame oil and sweet almond oil. Start with slightly damp hair, apply the oil to your hair and scalp, cover hair with a plastic cap and apply some form of external heat for deeper penetration for about 20 minutes or longer for maximum effect. Castor Oil can also be added to your deep conditioning treatments.

As a Hot Oil Treatment: You can use castor oil on its own or in addition to other oils for your hot oil treatment. Simply heat the oil gently (this can be done by putting the oil in a pot of hot water for about a minute) and then apply on your hair and scalp. Cover with a plastic cap for at least 20 minutes or longer for maximum effect.

As a Sealant: Castor Oil is an excellent sealant because it is a thicker oil which ensures that the hair stays moisturised. Simply use your moisturiser of choice and seal with castor oil.

Thank you all for reading my post on Castor Oil for hair growth. If you have any experience with using castor oil, please share or if there is any topic you want me to address on the blog, kindly share as well.


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