Saturday, 24 December 2016

Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products - The 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all getting excited as it is the eve of Christmas and what better way to usher us into Christmas than with a wonderful sale.

As a prelude to the official launch of our Wura's Secret Hair Growth Products you can order 2 Wura's Secret Hair Growth Products and get 8-12% off both products. Our products eligible for the Sale includes the Hair Growth Oil - Extra Strength, Moisturising Hair Conditioner, Hair Moisturiser, Detangler, Dandruff Control/Anti-Itch Oil, Hair Growth Oil for Kids, Hair Moisturiser for Kids and Detangler for Kids. To order please send us an email at

Kindly refer to this post here to find out more about our products and you can click on the products tab on this blog for a full list of all our products.

I am also truly delighted to share the news that I was featured in BN Fro Friday on Bella Naija where I shared details of my hair journey and how I was inspired to start making our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products. I tried to make the feature as helpful as possible so please do follow the link here.

TONKA, xoxo

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

"The New Beginnings" Hair Growth Challenge – Winners Announced

Hello everyone I am so glad to be finally posting the winners of the Hair Growth Challenge. I must say that I am so delighted that many lovely ladies were able to benefit from it and gain longer and healthier hair which was the entire premise of the Hair Growth Challenge. Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries and followed through to the end of the Challenge. For anyone who was not fully able to take part in the Challenge please watch this space because I am going to be doing more giveaways and Hair Challenges which will feature our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products.

After considering the various entries I decided to select 3 ladies whose pictures will be featured on this blog post and to also give a consolation prize to the 1st Runner Up to show my gratitude to everyone who took part in the Hair Growth Challenge, so now there will be two winners instead of only 1. You would recall as part of the rules of the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge the winner was to receive a full size bottle of our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil – Extra Strength Formula. The 1st Runner Up however will also receive trial size bottles of our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil – Extra Strength Formula and our Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser, so that person has the benefit of trying out both of our products.

Now without further ado let us get to the 3 winning entries. Drum roll please…………………The winner of the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge is Peace Nwaokocha.

The reason Peace won is because she followed all the rules of the hair growth challenge especially with regards to how the pictures were to be sent and her hair also showed a tremendous amount of growth. Here is an extract of her lovely email:

”Good morning Wura, hope this message meets you well? Felt I should share my latest hair pix. I self-texlaxed yesterday and I'm sooooooo happy with the result. I'm passed BSL now...Yippee!!! Even after the 6 months challenge, I still maintained my hair see the result *dancing*. Thanks a lot”

Now I will announce the 1st Runner Up, drum roll please …………………….. The 1st Runner Up of the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge is Ikekwem Tinaqueen Ayomide.

She emerged 1st Runner up because her lovely hair showed vast improvement in growth and most especially thickness. Here is an extract of her lovely comments on our facebook page:

Sorry its coming late ma'am...Here are the results of my hair...Following ur prepoo, deep conditioning and stuff.. all too much to explain...Here ma'am am really grateful our genes don’t have long hair but here I am rocking mine. Its natural... and I hope I win that growth oil... I badly need it..
Thank u ma..#Kizzez..yar d best

Finally the 2nd Runner Up, drum roll please ……………… is the lovely Ghanaian Emprezz who blogs at If  she had a Lagos delivery address she would have won something as well however it is my intention to make future giveaways open to more people.

She emerged as 2nd Runner Up because her hair has come a long way and is now at neck length when at the beginning of this Hair Growth Challenge she had only just cut it.

I would sincerely like to thank all my blog readers for taking time out to participate in this Hair Growth Challenge. I am very happy about everyone’s awesome results which just goes to show that if we care for our hair it will grow.

Please don’t forget to leave any comments you might have. Congratulations to all our winners!

TONKA, xoxo

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Styling and Growing my Hair using Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products

Hello everyone, I am very happy to be doing this post because this is where I announce that my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products will finally be available to everyone soon. We are currently working on making sure this happens really soon so please watch this space. I will be creating a lot of posts on our products in the future and I just might have another giveaway in store for you all.

My Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products are formulated using all natural ingredients incorporating the various techniques I learnt from my Grandmother Wura whose secret traditional recipes inspired this hair product line. So for everyone who calls me Wura that is not my name as I blog as Tonkabelle and I always make sure to sign out using this name. However from now on I would like to be known as Tonka.

These Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products inspired by my grandmother’s many hair treatment recipes have played a very fundamental role in the growth of my hair and so I am truly overjoyed to be able to share these products with you all.

Anyway more about that in future posts, for now I just want to share some pictures of the product samples and one of the hair styles I created using Wura’s Secret Hair Products to style my hair, more specifically the hair growth oil and hair moisturiser. Enjoy!

Do let me know if you would like a tutorial on this look. I would also like to know how your hair has been faring lately and how you have been wearing it.

TONKA, xoxo

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