Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The “Wura’s Secret” Hair Growth Challenge

Hello everyone, I am excited to finally bring you all, the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Challenge and I plan to make this Hair Growth Challenge bigger and better than the previous ones with more winners and prizes.

There will be 3 winners of the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Challenge and to be eligible to win the prizes you should be available or have someone available in Lagos, Nigeria to pick up the prize. If you cannot pick up the prize in Lagos this should not stop you from participating as the end result of longer, healthier hair is the greatest gift of all.

1st Prize – The Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, Wura’s Secret Deep Conditioner, Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser

2nd Prize – The Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser

3rd Prize – The Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil

The Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Challenge will last for a period of 6 months so that we can all grow our hair long and healthy in 2017. I would encourage everyone to participate (natural, relaxed, texlaxed, transitioning, etc) as all the rules are pretty easy to follow.

I am personally excited about the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Challenge because it is exactly what I need to whip my hair back into shape. If you know that you have neglected your hair in any way, you want to grow out your hair, you have some edges/bald spots issues or you just want healthier hair then this Hair Growth Challenge is for you. 

I have included a picture of my bun which needs to be a lot fuller by the end of this Hair Growth Challenge as well as my starting length.

Now let us get into the rules, for anyone starting out on caring for their hair this is an excellent guide to gaining longer and healthier hair. (I have taken time to include links of previous posts as a guide to each rule). So let us go ahead with the simple rules:


  1. Start the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Challenge with a trim, the amount of hair you choose to trim off depends on you. (Optional) Note that this particular rule is optional so if you have recently done a trim or in your opinion your ends seem healthy enough there will be no need to get a trim. After the initial trim, keep trimming at the barest minimum, avoid it if possible.
  2. Do a pre-shampoo or hot oil treatment before washing and deep conditioning your hair (Optional)
  3. Wash and deep condition your hair every one or two weeks, you need to be consistent.
  4. Moisturise and seal your hair daily, every other day or thrice in a week. The amount of times you choose to moisturise and seal will depend on what actually suits your hair.
  5. Oil your scalp every day or every other day with a growth aid of your choice such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil or any growth aid you may prefer.
  6. Keep your hair in buns, french twists, updos, wigs, braids, weaves and other protective styles to retain length at least 5 times a week. For weaves and braids be sure to take them down latest after three weeks - a month to wash/deep condition your hair. Also be sure to moisturise your hair and oil your scalp as often as you can, if your hair is in a weave try to go under the tracks.
  7. Do not use any form of direct heat to style your hair such as flat irons, curling wands. Avoid blowdrying your hair as much as possible and if you must blow dry your hair use the lowest heat setting or better still the cool setting. Roller setting is permitted as it is a form of indirect heat.
  8. If you are relaxed or texlaxed, stretch your relaxers to at least eight weeks.

Start Date:  18th April 2017 (However there is a 2 week period for everyone to join in)

End Date:  18th October 2017

I believe that in 6 months we can all achieve a substantial amount of hair growth, may the best lady win!

There are two ways of participating in this challenge.

1   To be eligible to win the prizes

Leave a comment with your email address in the comment section below (or send an email to wurassecret@gmail.comletting me know you are taking part in the Hair Growth Challenge, follow us on instagram @wurassecrethair and comment on the Hair Growth Challenge post (my bun with the pink bow) on our instagram page to let me know you are taking part.

At the end of the Hair Growth Challenge send your before and after pictures to wurassecret@gmail.com (This part of the challenge is only open to persons who can pick up the prize in Lagos, Nigeria)


2   To receive the Benefit of Long and Healthy Hair alone

Leave a comment in the comment section below (or send an email to wurassecret@gmail.com)follow us on instagram @wurassecrethair and comment on the Hair Growth Challenge post (my bun with the pink bow) and let us grow our hair together.

Don’t forget to share your questions, experiences and so on in the comment section below as well as on our instagram page @wurassecrethair to encourage and help others.

I look forward to all the glorious testimonials this Hair Growth Challenge will bring and  I wish everyone a successful and rewarding hair growth challenge.

PS. I have received emails from people who say they are having trouble commenting, please keep trying to comment on this post but if you are unable to then please send me an email so that you will be entered into the Hair Growth Challenge and don’t forget to follow us on instagram. 

Total Number of Entries so far (to be updated):


TONKA, xoxo

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Product Review + Client’s Results – Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be finally doing a review on the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil which is from my own product line. This is the very first product which started the entire brand – Wura’s Secret. This Hair Growth Oil is actually a secret recipe which was used by my grandmother to grow out her hair.

Now let me give a little background, before I even knew anything about hair care and even before I started this blog I sort of had a reasonable amount of hair on my head so I was never really bothered about hair care or hair growth. This all changed however when I went to live in the UK for a while where during winter, I literally felt my hair fall off my head. My simple approach of not doing anything and my hair still looking reasonable suddenly stopped working. When I went home for the holidays I begged my grandmother to make her oil for me so I could apply it to my hair and that is how this blog and my hair product line was born. The name Wura is a tribute to my grandmother as Wura means gold in my language.

Over the years I have done more research and spent time perfecting the secret recipe. I have sold the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to several people and they have all experienced glorious results. I am finally able to bring the product review to you all and this makes me extremely happy.

Let me start off by saying that this is the only growth aid I use. This is the only oil I apply to my scalp to stimulate my hair growth. Now let us examine the product bottle in greater detail on the front of the label it states that the oil contains herbs, vitamins and organic oils. The Hair Growth Oil is said to be for growth, fullness and shine. It features as an All Natural, Handmade Oil with Extra Strength Herbs. The front label also states that the Hair Growth Oil is Sulfate, Petrolatum, Paraben and Mineral Oil Free.

The label at the back of the product describes the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil as a product inspired by one of my grandmother’s many hair treatment recipes. It goes further to state that “This Hair Growth Oil penetrates deeply into the hair follicles to stimulate growth and to prevent excessive breakage and shedding. It nourishes the hair, seals and smoothes the hair’s cuticles whilst giving luxurious silky shine to your hair.”

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Olive oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavendar Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea tree Oil, Thyme Oil, Rosemary, Sage, Nettle

Oils getting set for labels (see the floating herbs)

The Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil can be used in numerous ways as a Scalp Oil, as a Sealant, as a Hot Oil Treatment and by adding some of it to your Deep Conditioner.

Now let us get into some of the reasons why the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil works:

It is an effective oil which has numerous active ingredients that penetrate the scalp and encourage hair growth.

We use the very best extraction processes to ensure that the best nutrients are gotten from the oil.

It contains numerous beneficial herbs that are proven to work on some difficult to grow areas such as the edges, bald spots, etc.

Visible herbs are present in the Oil for added effectiveness. (We believe we are the first to incorporate actual floating herbs into a Hair Growth Oil).

Numerous clients have had improved hair growth using the Hair Growth Oil please find some before and after pictures below:

It is light weight and suitable for everyday use, it would not clog your scalp.

It has a pleasant smell and effective pacakaging.

That concludes the end of my review of the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, I hope you all get to try it out for yourselves to receive the awesome growth benefits the oil has to offer. If you are interested in making a purchase kindly send an email to wurassecret@gmail.com. At the moment we are having an Easter Discount where you get between 8-12% off any of our products. We will also be giving a future discount to anyone who sends their before and after pictures to us.

Please don’t forget to check out the products tab of this blog if you are interested in ordering any of our other amazing products and please note that we have a kids range. I plan on reviewing all the other products as well in future posts.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. Please post any comments or questions you might have about the oil and I will be sure to respond. 

TONKA, xoxo

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

3 Techniques for Retaining Length and Faster Hair Growth

Hello everyone, I am happy to be writing this blog post on 3 techniques that I have found to be most effective for retaining length and growing out our hair. This blog post is in collaboration with my darling Lade of Rehairducation (our very own Rapunzel), who shares the 3 techniques she has implemented to grow her hair to waist length, to find out more - please visit the link here.

Growing hair comprises of two elements; length retention and the actual hair growth itself. Now for our hair to grow long and healthy it is important that we adequately retain length. Retaining length is simply our ability to keep the amount of hair that we have grown on our heads. So when you find that your hair has been breaking off excessively that means that you are not effectively retaining length.

It is also important that the hairs from our follicles actually sprout and grow – this is the actual hair growth itself. You may notice that there are times when your hair might not seem to be growing as fast as it could. For example, if you have relaxed or texlaxed hair there would be times when you get your hair relaxed and you have more new growth and other times when you do not have as much. There are also times when you might have a bald spot or non-existent or sparse edges and you might need some help to get that area of your hair to grow back again.

So without further ado I bring to you, my very own best methods for retaining length and improving hair growth:

1. Massage a Growth Aid into your Scalp: There are times when your hair may not be growing as fast or as much as it could due to stress, hormonal imbalance, post partum hair loss, falling off your hair care routine and so much more. In these instances it is important that you deal with the situation if it is something that can be helped. So for example, you can ease your stress if you are mum by asking for help when you need it. Also if you know that you have been neglecting your hair try to get back to caring for it (take it one step at a time and before you know it you will get there).

To also help you along you may want to apply a growth aid that will aid hair growth, this has worked for me when I need to give my hair that extra growth boost. There are several kinds of growth aids however this blog post will only feature the topical growth aids. A topical growth aid is any product that is applied to your scalp which will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and therefore promote hair growth. The application process for the growth aid is very important. It is important to massage the growth aid into your scalp in circular motions using the pads of your fingers and not your fingernails. The process of massaging your scalp with a growth aid has many benefits including strengthening the roots of your hair, conditioning the scalp and helping circulate the scalp’s natural sebum. Some examples of growth aids are Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil. Using a growth aid will help with retention of length and promote hair growth.

Here is a throwback before and after picture. In the first before picture I was going through post partum shedding and my supposed big bun looked so dismal and my edges were non-existent that I had asked myself on the day after seeing pictures why I wore my hair that way. The second picture (I believe about 6 months after) is after I had used a growth aid - Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil for a while and my edges had started coming back to life.

2. Deep Conditioning with Heat: Deep Conditioning is the truth, if you want to grow your hair longer and retain length, then it is important to deep condition your hair. Now deep conditioning does not mean simply throwing any deep conditioner in your hair and calling it a day. Rather before you deep condition it is first important to determine what your hair needs. So let us say that your hair needs protein and you do a moisture deep condition, this will be counter intuitive. For you to therefore get all the crucial benefits and nutrients from deep conditioning it is important that you use the right deep conditioner for your hair at that particular time. Now once you have determined the right deep conditioner for you at that time; the next step is to apply the deep conditioner to your hair properly. It is important that you apply your deep conditioner into your hair in sections making sure that you apply the conditioner throughout the entire hair shaft and pay particular attention to the ends of your hair. After this has been done, and you are sure that your hair is properly coated with deep conditioner then you can cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply a heat source. I have a review of the Soft Hood Hair Dryer Attachment which is an easy and yet effective means of deep conditioning at home. Then if you want to take your deep conditioning with heat to the next level you can use a steamer which will ensure that your hair adequately retains moisture and will also strengthen your hair by improving its elasticity.

3. Baby/Care for the Ends of your Hair: In our quest to grow longer hair it is important that we retain length and to do that we need to pay particular attention to the ends of our hair. If your hair is growing at the same rate your ends are breaking, then it will be difficult to achieve longer hair. So in everything we do relating to hair care, our ends should be properly cared for. Now let us go through each step of hair care and state how the ends of the hair should be cared for. When you are shampooing your hair, never try to apply shampoo on the ends of your hair and start washing away as this may lead to dry hair. Also while washing your hair, don’t apply pressure on the ends of your hair. Rather we should focus our efforts on our scalp – apply shampoo on your scalp alone and gently wash your hair using the pads of your fingers. In the process of rinsing off the shampoo, your entire hair will be cleansed. Also when deep conditioning, moisturising and sealing be sure to apply the product more particularly, to the ends of your hair apart from applying it to your hair in general. It is also important to keep the ends of your hair protected by wearing protective styles as often as possible.

If the above methods can be implemented you will be well on your way to achieving longer and healthier hair. Please don’t forget to read Lade’s techniques on her blog - Rehairducation.

Please share if there are any techniques/methods that have worked for you on your hair journey. As always if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below and I will be sure to respond.

TONKA, xoxo

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